Harris, Donna

Human Support Services (HSS) is pleased to announce the promotion of Donna Harris from a part time to a full time direct care worker at the “Waterloo and Main” apartment sites.  She joined HSS in August 2008.  Donna enjoys volunteering at a no-kill shelter.   She will help developmentally delayed clients live as independent as possible in the community.  In this role, she teaches/assists with daily living skills, passes medications, and provides social skills training.  Donna is supervised by Site Manager Bobbi Walters.  HSS provides 24-hour supervision to around 40 developmentally delayed or mentally ill clients. 

The mission of HSS is to provide high quality, comprehensive services to Monroe County residents with mental health or substance abuse needs, or developmental disabilities.  HSS is a private, non-profit community resource founded in 1973, providing confidential COA-accredited services.  Thanks to the United Way of Greater St. Louis and the local Monroe County Community Mental Health Funding Board (H.B. 708), HSS can set fees that are affordable.  For further information, call 618-939-4444, visit or become a friend on Facebook.  




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