Mental Health

Human Support Services (HSS) has an experienced team of mental health professionals available to offer individual, group or family services. Appointment times are offered throughout the day and in the evening to accommodate for busy schedules. Public and private insurance is accepted. HSS offers a sliding fee scale to help with self-pay fees.

Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management

A psychiatrist is available weekly to provide expert evaluation of mental health concerns and to prescribe needed mental health medications. Services are available for adults and for youth over the age of five (5).


A proper mental health assessment is needed for all individuals seeking help for emotional or behavioral concerns for the first time. This assessment will help define any emotional or behavioral problems that exist and whether treatment will benefit that individual. An assessment is required if treatment is to be attempted, including both therapy and medication. HSS has staff available for assessments. These appointments generally last about two hours.

Individuals, Couples and Family Therapy

Counseling and therapy is available for adults, youth, couples and families looking to work on emotional or behavioral concerns. HSS staff will provide aide in defining treatment goals. Staff members will then provide expert guidance in moving towards improvement based on these established goals. Services are scheduled Monday through Friday and evening hours are available.

Children First

The Children First Program is a time-limited educational group for parents getting a divorce. The program uses video and group discussion to portray possible problem situations after a divorce and the effects the parents’ behavior has on the children. This is a self-pay service and is not generally billable to insurance.

Education and Consultation

Professional staff members from HSS are available to make public presentations, conduct workshops and provide consultations on a variety of subjects related to the services offered.