Residential Services

Community Support Network

The Community Support Network (CSN) at Human Support Services (HSS) provides a comprehensive approach to the housing needs of low-income disabled individuals in Monroe County. We offer supported and supervised apartments that provide rental subsidies and on-site staff.

Besides operating our own apartments, CSN provides several other services to individuals who are not in HSS housing.

In-home supportive services are available to developmentally disabled individuals that live with their families. Staff will travel to the family home to provide support and/or assistance.

A Day Services and Work Program is offered at our main center to provide six hours per day of instruction and work opportunities in a safe and secure environment.

Financial and clinical case management services are available to persons in the CSN apartments or in other housing.

A transportation network is provided to bring disabled persons into our main center from their homes.

Throughout all of our services, individuals are provided with the level of support they need with the goal to promote independence. This program has become a great success, enriching the lives of those served as they strive for independence.

Apartment Program

Through related corporations, Human Support Services (HSS) owns and operates nine apartment buildings throughout Monroe County for people with disabilities. Our communities include single person apartments with one bedroom, family units with two bedrooms and shared living arrangements with three bedrooms.

All units are close to community facilities to make community involvement easy. Rent and utilities are based on the client’s income.

Along with owning these properties, HSS has full responsibility for property management and rental services. It is important to HSS that these properties are attractive and that they present a positive image to the community.

Affordable Housing

Human Support Services (HSS) provides subsidies to our residents in order to make rent affordable for low-income individuals. This program allows residents to pay a maximum of 30 percent of their income on rent and utilities.

By reducing the cost of rent and utilities, we make it possible for our residents to afford basic conveniences beyond food and rent, such as transportation and entertainment, and ultimately make their lives in the community richer and more enjoyable.