Youth Services

Human Support Services (HSS) offers specialized services for youth who are experiencing an emotional or family-related crisis or who are seeking assistance in improving their relationships with family peers or others. These services are available in a variety of settings, including schools, home, the HSS office, hospitals or other places in the community.

24-Hour Crisis Support

If you need urgent assistance outside of normal business hours, please contact your local law enforcement officials. Law enforcement can connect you to a local crisis professional.

Runaway/Lockout Response

HSS staff members are available 24 hours a day to provide counseling to runaway and lockout youth and their families to attempt reunification of the youth with their family. If such efforts fail, HSS staff will take charge to find a safe alternative. Law enforcement or other agencies can contact HSS using its main telephone number, 618-939-4444. After hours, or on weekends, call law enforcement to reach your local crisis worker.

Temporary Placement for Youth

For runaway and lockout youth who have nowhere to stay, Human Support Service staff can authorize temporary placement into the foster care system. This will normally occur only after other efforts to reunite the youth with his or her family or find relative placement fail.

Placement Stabilization

The Placement Stabilization service is intended to work with families that are having problems with a DCFS ward placed in their home. Human Support Services staff will provide community-based or office-delivered counseling and supportive services in an attempt to make the placement successful.

School Counseling

HSS sends staff into Monroe County schools to provide group and individual counseling on-site for at-risk youth. These services are without charge to the students or their families. These staff members will also provide consultation to school officials seeking advice on student needs.