Annual Holiday Appeal

Dear Neighbor,

We always knew there was something more out there for Shawn: greater independence, a better sense of purpose, an improved way of living.

We also knew we couldn’t give that to Shawn. It had to be you, the people of our community.

Over the past year, you have shown us just how right we were.

As our ties with the community have grown — and more residents, business owners, and service providers have embraced our mission and call to action — we have watched countless individuals like Shawn set out upon a road to a better life. It is that road that connects all of us.

A job at Walmart, a place where he could meet people and earn money, was what Shawn needed to realize his full potential and take the strides only he could take. Now he’s a friendly, familiar face at the neighborhood store. He loves his job, and the customers and his employer
love him.

Others have found the path to their best lives through The SeeMore Inn, a bed and breakfast we opened this year to serve the community and provide individuals with disabilities a place to learn and thrive.

In a new collaboration with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, we are identifying mental illness and substance abuse among incarcerated individuals before they return to society and exhibit further problems or fall deeper into despair and/or addiction.

Through training and early intervention, we are lessening the load on law enforcement and saving tax dollars by reducing recidivism.

The idea behind all of these initiatives is simple: the entire community can benefit when we realize and nurture the gifts of every person, in every setting.

We couldn’t have come to this conclusion without you.

And we continue to rely on your support as we grow as an organization and as people — taking more chances on more individuals in a variety of new ways.

But I’ll be frank. It takes more than just seeing potential and inspiring change.

Your tax-deductible gift to Human Support Services will help support our core mission and community-minded programs like the ones mentioned above.

Because we truly cannot do this without your help.

Think about it: Where else can your gift help so many people in our community, in so many ways?

Your support is essential. Give: Choices. Opportunities. Second chances. Bright futures.

We will all be better for it.

With deepest gratitude,

Anne King
Executive Director


Her hands are dusted in flour as they knead dough, purposefully molding the bread into shape.

Later, she’ll mix batter for cakes, carefully measuring ingredients and scooping the soft gooey mixture into the pans.

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When Shawn steps into the Walmart parking lot, he stands a little taller. A slight smile is almost always on his face as he moves through his workday. The job involves a seemingly never ending task — moving shopping carts from the edge of the lot to the inside of the building.

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SeeMore Inn

With blue polo shirts tucked neatly into khaki pants, the two women shuffle their hands in nervous excitement, eager to greet their next guests.

For days now, this is the moment they’ve been prepping for. The linens have been washed and lovingly arranged on the beds. Fresh baked muffins sit on the kitchen countertop.

It’s showtime.

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