Day & Work Services

Work Services

The Work Services Program offers both a sheltered workshop on-site at the main office and a Supportive Employment Program that links clients to community jobs. In the Supportive Employment Program, we continually seek job opportunities in the community for our clients. We offer job placement assistance, job maintenance assistance and work skill development. The program requires successful completion of a work adjustment period and the ability to meet or exceed specific entrance criteria.

The sheltered workshop brings work into the building for clients who are not ready or interested in working in community jobs. Clients are normally paid piece rate wages for most tasks performed with pay rates based on prevailing wages in the St. Louis Metro area. Special contracts, such as mailings, collating, assembly, etc. are especially welcome at any time.

Clients in the workshop earn a real paycheck as they gain work skills. We only accept contracts where the products are non-toxic, safe to handle and do not require heavy equipment.

Day Services Classes

Human Support Services (HSS) provides an array of day services to adults from Monroe County with mental illness or developmental disabilities. The Day and Work Services Programs offer a full day of activities Monday through Friday at HSS.

Individuals and their families or caregivers can count on the program to provide a safe and caring environment where individuals with mental illness or developmental disabilities can go to learn skills important to independent living and vocational development.

Client Transportation

In 1979, Human Support Services (HSS) began providing fixed route transportation to our Day Training Program. In 1990, we began a demand response system to our residential site with a single van. Over the years, we’ve added additional vans, buses, cars, para-transit vehicles and a delivery truck.

We provide the following transportation services:

  • Transportation to and from our Day Training Program for clients living on their own or with their families.
  • Transportation from our residential sites to the Day Services Program and to places in the community such as doctor’s appointments, shopping, recreation, etc.
  • Transportation to Special Olympic outings and other community events.
  • Transportation to jobs in the community.
  • Delivery of contract work produced by consumers.
  • Clients are not charged a fee for transportation services.