DUI & Substance Use Services

DUI Services Program

The DUI Services Program at Human Support Services (HSS) is geared to meet the needs of individuals facing the consequences of driving under the influence. Our program meets the expectations of area courts and the Department of Transportation for consequences of driving violations involving alcohol or drugs.

It should be noted that these services are not billable to health insurance. The State of Illinois will assist in paying for DUI Court Ordered Evaluation and Drivers Risk Education Programs for those individuals who meet income guidelines. Others must pay a flat fee.

DUI Court-Ordered Evaluation

Upon referral from the court, HSS will provide a DUI evaluation in a three-hour session that will systematically evaluate the individual’s level of functioning and generate a report of the findings. The agency will send a copy of the evaluation to the court.

Driver’s Risk Education Program

The Driver’s Risk Education program is designed to provide education to those individuals whose evaluations indicate a potential problem with drugs or alcohol but not a dependency. The program offers classes one cycle per month. These classes run once a week for three hours per night.

When Does Use Become Abuse?

For most people drinking is not a problem, and an alcoholic beverage can be a pleasant addition to a meal or social function. Drinking or drug use becomes a problem when they begin to impact negatively your life including family or social relationships, personal finances, work performance, physical and emotional health. Receiving a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrest is another common sign.

In December 2016, HSS formed a partnership with Gateway Foundation and when it is determined that treatment is needed for substance use, referrals are made to Gateway and other local treatment providers.